About Studio 527

Hi!  I'm Ann.  Thanks for visiting my site!  I am the owner and lead maker at Studio 527.  
I live in and operate my business in Delano, MN with my husband and three kids.   

A Journey of Creativity

I have always been on a creative journey and my dream of owning a creative business started when I was young.  Both of my parents are makers, so the apple didn't fall far from the tree.  We have crafted so many projects together over the years and it's been especially great for me to do so much creatively with my mom.  

Now is the time

Now at 47, I am have finally decided to go for my dream to help people discover their creative sides!  My studio is one that is flexible.  Selling pieces I have created or refinished, and teaching workshops in my own way is truly a dream come true.  I just never imagined when I was going to college for teaching it would be used in this way- how lucky am I?

A Family Affair

Just like many of you I have a family that is crazy supportive, but yes I do get those eye rolls when I come up with some of my ideas.  Once that has worn off they are ready to lend a hand cutting wood, setting up for a sale or taking pictures.    

What I do

My products are designed with thought, creativity and are made carefully.  I offer virtual training, products & events & set up workshops at offsite locations.